Core Issues

Giving an Equal Voice to All Students, Parents, and Staff
School Safety


School safety is a constant concern for parents and educators alike.  We need to make sure that all students and staff are trained and up-to-date with all safety protocols.  Each school in our district is unique, with its own issues and concerns, and we must address these issues individually to ensure that each school site is fully prepared to meet any issue with maximum security and safety.

Social Emotional Learning

With growing mental health needs, it is vital to continue the necessary work being done around our district by Behavior Intervention Specialists (BISs), Youth Services Specialists (YSSs), and Social Workers.  We must focus on positive practices such as mindfulness, restorative justice, open communication between staff and students, and anti-bullying.

Parent Engagement

In addition to the continuation of all existing parent engagement programs, we must also expand professional development for our district office FACE Liaisons as well as our FACE Liaisons at the school sites.  We must explore different ways to get parents, grandparents, and any other guardians engaged with their student's academic journey.  Getting everyone engaged is important, but we must also recognize parent/guardian engagement at all school, cluster, and district levels.


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